Peer Mentor | Aspiring Entrepreneurs
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Aspiring Entrepreneurs

From Idea To Paying Customers in 30 days

About You

Passionate about Start up
If you want to startup and haven’t yet, then you have reached the right place. We have designed this model for the average Joe i.e. working and cannot quit your job, you do not money to invest. You also don’t have IP or any other asset to leverage on.
Most of us have interests in domains that are neither related to what we studied nor what we worked on. So it is actually starting from a blank slate. Some have started and are stuck in various pre-revenue stages. If this is you, were are here to help. Know our approach, read the faq and contact us.

Tough to find a co-founder

This is easy if you are lucky. Else, it is difficult to find somebody who matches your passion, interests and complements your skills and risk appetite.  Even if after you find, it is a hit or a miss.

With a bad co-founder

splitting equity, ego problems, who reports to whom, accountability, mixing friends and business – can be a hangover that you cannot shake off. With us, you don’t find these pitfalls.

Tough to work alone

Too many tasks, skill gaps, losing focus, context switching from tech, to business and then something else… It is tough. Sign-up, we will help.

How do we help?

co-founder - Mentor
As a peer i.e. co-founder we complement your skill set. So say, if you take care of technology and operations, we will be responsible for product and business development and vice-versa. Secondly, whenever there is a task that you do not know how to do, we will do it for you the first time and enable you to do it the next time around. Finally, whenever there is a fire, we handle the situation. 
As a mentor, we help you with the XP model of execution. This is a sure shot low risk model of execution. This will help you figure out a model to convert your passion into a profitable startup. So, if this interests you, contact us.    +91-98800-13512