Peer Mentor | co-founder as a service
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Kick start your Entrepreneurial Journey

Our services, as your "Peer"; a working partner...

We complement your skills. If you are good with tech, we help you with business & vice-versa.

Execute the ``unknowns``

When you get a task that you don't know how to do, then we execute & enable you for next time.

extinguish fire

When there is a fire, whatever the fire, as a peer, we step in, handle it, extinguish it.

As your "Mentor" and a sleeping partner
Proven XP Model

XP is an iterative model developed over 10 years. Helps you go from idea to revenues in 12 months.

Zero Risk

XP model breaks up risks into a series of bite sized ones with nibble sized impact.

Sustainable at every Scale

XP give you models that generate unit level profitability early on. This scales.


Peer-Mentor Principles

How we do

We take 5% equity, 5% of your salary, benefits, and losses.

Line up your passion to a larger purpose. Fix a DIRECTION statement

Long run way model: Because you don't get anything right the first time..

Prioritize Doing over Thinking. And Listening over Doing.

Tools & processes to ensure Interpersonal issue will never recur.

Priority & Promise Matrix - Helps you taking decision and set a culture

Follow the Peer-Mentor execution model to the T..

And a handful of thinking models and execution principles...

Our execution Model

What we do
  • Pretotype

    To validate the market need.

  • Paid Prototype

    Demo, deliver, & Monetize: )

  • Pilot

    Iterate, Get WoM going.

  • Price & Position

    Iterate and get it right.

  • Polish or Pivot!

    Polish to sale or reinvent

Our Startups…

  • easyTaaza
    In B2C / Food System / Health / HyperLocal / Services / Supply chain
  • Vizeot
    In Automative / B2B2C / Products / Safety
  • tonoterr
    In B2B / B2B2C / B2C / health care
  • FutureReadyKids
    In B2B / B2C / Education / Entrepreneurship / Products / Services
  • In the labs
    In B2B2C / Consulting / Fashion / Fintech / Materials / Services
  • Peer-Mentor
    In Entrepreneurship / Services
  • Kushi Commute – making your daily commute cushy
    In Automative / B2B / B2B2C / B2C / Public transportation / Public utility

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